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9.6m x 7.2m Duplex that includes a deck. These innovative granny flats are ideal for residential and commercial developments, rapid response relief housing, student accommodation, government projects and smaller stand-alone structures.

Please contact us prior to ordering for freight cost to your area. Local delivery cost to site from the port of landing would be at your additional local cost.
Prices are current as of 3rd of December 2015.  Prices are subject to change without notice.



  • Adjustable steel stumps to suit level site 600mm off ground
  • Steel bearers and joists bolts and fixing screws
  • 19mm particleboard timber sheet flooring with screws and glue
  • External wall panels including cut outs for doors and openings
  • Top, bottom, and side wall channels including fittings
  • Windows and glass sliding doors
  • Solid timber external doors pre-hung in timber jams
  • Hollow core internal doors pre-hung in timber jams
  • Roof panels including screws
  • Gutter and barge capping
  • Composite decking boards where decking is shown on plan

Ecologically Sustainable Development Initiatives

  • 4000 Litre Rain Water Harvesting Tank to service the Wc- Showers and/or Garden irrigation.
  • In Situ Materials - Decking to be Recycled plastic Eco- Decking - Waste
  • Free - Low Maintenance - UV Resistant - Mould / Thermite Resistant
  • Modular - Insulated Panel Building - Great Thermal Properties - Recyclable Buildings and components - Build in factory controlled environment with waste management procedures in place.
  • LED lighting - LED Lights use only 15% of the energy a standard halogen uses, provide up to 85% of the light output and create less heat and are cool to touch. This makes LED Lights energy efficient are cost effective as air conditioning use can be lowered.
  • Water Smart Fixtures - All Taps should be WELS rated to 4 or more stars to reduce overall water consumtion of the Resort
  • Only Low VOC Paints and adhesives are used on Module/ Materials Construction - This can be controlled on a Factory Enviroment


Not Included

  • Wet area seal
  • Plumbing fixtures & fittings
  • All electrical & Mechanical
  • Floor coverings
  • Furniture, fitout and equipment


Level 1 Floor Plan

Level 1 Plan

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Roof Plan

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Elevation 1

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Elevation 2

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Elevation 3

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Elevation 4

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Section 3

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