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Environmentally Friendly - Modular Steel Kit Homes

Environmentally Friendly - Modular Steel Kit Homes

Environmentally friendly is the byword of current housing.

Yes we can help you achieve these aims and principals with your new home.

A few ideas to consider -

Fit Solar power on the roof - generate your own electricity to run your home. Significant development means costs have come down and operating efficiency of the systems is improving. Be independent and cut yourself from inflated and ever more expensive grid power costs.

Fit a Solar hot water system to cut water heating costs to nil!

Use water tanks to store roof water - cutting dependence on the town water and enjoying your own chemical free fresh water.

Use an ecologically sound waste water treatment plant to cut out sewerage and old fashioned septic systems. Use this treated water for your garden and trees.

Use superior design layout and window types such as louvre sets and placement together with quality insulation in your design to keep your home cool in the heat or retain heat in cold climates to cut down on the use of air conditioning and heaters.

Perhaps build with insulated panels - providing high insulation values in the building.

Use double glazed glass - retaining heat or keeping it out. This also cuts down acoustic pollution (IE noise). Built in tinting may be a viable option.

Take advantage of modern Insulation products - lots of technology and funding by Multi National business has gone into their development. Use it.

Consider the colours of your roofing and cladding as to heat absorption and reflective properties. Don’t rush to put a black roof on your house - just because it may be trendy in some suburbs.

Also new Thermal Coating paint technology can offer great results in reflecting heat from roofs. Get rid of it before it is absorbed into your home!

So many options are now available to the modern house builder - study the internet and decide what you would like to incorporate in your new home.

Contact us now to assist with your most important project - a new home!

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